Child Carers Toy Store

The Child Carers’ Toy Store was established on the 1st May 2002, and continues to grow steadily with those taking up membership.

Within the Covid-19 pandemic all childcare providers that were looking after key workers’ children could join and borrow resources for free. Along with registered childcare providers we had grandparents that had taken on the role parenting their grandchildren whilst their own children continued to work on the front line, membership was made available to them for free too. Special needs families found that their children really struggled with the change of routine, being at home all day and becoming bored, aggressive and seeking sensory and therapeutic toys and resources for stimulation. We joined up many new families with special needs children, gave advice on toys to borrow, prepared bundles and dropped them at family’s homes.

The Child Carers’ Toy Store is available for parents, carers, families, grandparents, professionals and services across the City. Its aim is to loan good quality, educational toys and resources to ensure children are able to develop their learning through play.

Membership costs range from £20 for a family membership to £450 for a large play scheme, membership for families with children with special needs remains free, along with those that are referred to our outreach project.

The toy store has remained open throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so although we do ask members not to visit our main site to choose toys. Please order online and arrange a date and time for either collection at the door or we can deliver to your home or setting. 

Members are able to borrow from 5 to 20 toys depending on the type of membership (playschemes may borrow much more) for a 6 week period, although many families and childminders visit us each week with their children encouraging them to make choices about the toys they would like to play with.

Feedback from our members states that:

“Staff do an amazing job, excellent service, and friendly staff”